Simportex Limited was started on the 4th November 1964 trading in textiles & electronics and then soft commodities. Within 6 years, Simportex Ltd was supplying 70% of the sugar to Nepal.
Simportex began dealing in metals during the mid 1970ís and since then has been trading in primary non-ferrous metals, but is also still active in other such areas such as soft commodities like sugar, oilseeds, cotton, wool etc. and chemicals, electronics, textiles, crystals etc.

Recently, with the start of LME dealing in Steel billets, we have started dealing in Billets, HMS 1-2, Shredded scrap and other Steel products.

Due to our excellent experience in trading in metals, Simportex Ltd has built up good rapports with various government bodies, that has led to us supplying to Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani government bodies in addition to other public limited and private companies both in the Indian subcontinent and worldwide.

Due to our dealings and relationships with the trade community and rising success, Simportex Ltd was initiated as an associate trade member of the London Metal Exchange in 1996. This has led to strong support from fellow associates whilst trading in Europe.