We put forth a high quality assortment of Nickel which is comprehensively used across various industries. We also offer Cut & Uncut Nickel Cathodes and full plate and cut Nickel Briquettes/Pellets/Disks etc. Known for its hard, malleable, ductile, ferromagnetic features, we offer the Nickel at very nominal price.
LME registered brands available
  •      Norilsk
  •     Severonickel
  •     Tocantins
  •     INCO/VALE etc

Name Nickel Group number 10
Symbol Ni Group name (None)
Atomic Number 28 Period number 4
Atomic Weight 58.6934 (2) Block d-block
CAS Registry ID 7440-02-0 Density (g/cm 3) 8.902
  •      Melting point 1,453C
  •     Boiling point 2,915C
  •     Resistivity 6.9 micro,ohm-cm at 20C
  •     Standard state: solid at 298 K
  •     Colour: lustrous, metallic, silvery tinge
  •     Classification: Metallic
Nickel is available in many forms including cathodes, cut cathodes, briquettes, pellets, shots, granules, foil, powder, flakes, sheet, wire, mesh, spheres, "evaporation slugs", and rods.

Nickel is found as a constituent in most meteorites and often serves as one of the criteria for distinguishing a meteorite from other minerals. Iron meteorites, or siderites, may contain iron alloyed with from 5 to nearly 20% nickel. The USA 5-cent coin (whose nickname is "nickel") contains just 25% nickel. Nickel is a silvery white metal that takes on a high polish. It is hard, malleable, ductile, somewhat ferromagnetic, and a fair conductor of heat and electricity.

Nickel carbonyl, [Ni(CO)4], is an extremely toxic gas and exposure should not exceed 0.007 mg M-3.
We deal in:
Cut & Uncut Nickel cathodes both full plate and cut - LME registered brands like Norilsk, Severonickel, Tocantins, INCO/VALE etc as well as Nickel Briquettes/Pellets/Disks etc
Nickel Cathodes
Nickel Pellets